I'm a big fan of Seth Macfarlane's The Orville so I decided to make a retro-style space shooter loosely based on the show. Thanks to PICO-8 for a great development environment :)

You pilot The Orville to fight one Krill ship after another, each one shooting faster at you than the one before. X or Z to fire, up and down to move your ship. Try to see how many levels you can make it through.


Note: This is very much a fan made game. I don't own the rights to The Orville which is why I have the "purchase" set to none at all. I just want to share a game I made and that I've also had fun playing. Hope you all enjoy it as well. :)

Install instructions

The downloadable file contians native executables for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It also has a PICO-8 png "cartridge" and the p8 source code itself.


The Orville Arcade Game- Native Win/Mac/Linux/PICO-8 2 MB


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Would you guys like me to add music of some sort to this or is its current very-minimal state preferred?